Building bridge from Campus to Corporate

How would you define “Gap”, well dictionary defines GAP as “a break in continuity”. It is this gap that we see today when students move out of universities to corporate sector.  It should have been a simple effortless transition from a graduate to an industry employee. A small glance at the current market and you will realize how big and deep this gap is indeed. And its not the invention of today but something that been there for decades. If you ask any IT experience guy to have a look at the current IT engineering or BSc. IT syllabus and they can simply point of numerous most needed items which are missing from the list. These missing items are not advance topics which are needed to step up the career ladder but are the ones needed to enter the most demanding sector, Information Technology. I personally have graduated myself 7 years ago, the picture was same that time and the picture is same to this day as well. The question now is probably all the graduates are asking quite clearly and loudly, “What do we need to do to get a job in IT industry?”. The importance in the question is “getting a job in IT industry”, throughout my seven years of career I have seeing students graduating with IT stream but landing up themselves in a non IT sector like HR, recruitment etc.

Time to answer the question. A simple answer to the above question is to fill up the gap between education system and the employment system. And this gap can be filled with knowledge. Knowledge of the latest technology trends that will help our graduates to meet the ever changing demands of the employer. If anyone is following the technology trends it will be easily noticeable that the trend is ever changing. Not only does a graduate have to keep itself up to the demands but established employee too. But established employees already know what they are heading towards and this guidance light is never available to the fresher until now.

Proxel Solutions India Pvt Ltd. is precisely formed taking this aim in mind. Our aim here is to guide the graduates/undergraduates exactly of the topics they need to master to enter this vast land of IT opportunities. We have put forward plans considering the market trends. Any graduate participating in these programs will not only have an edge towards the crowd but also will form a solid base needed to establish itself in the market. These programs are designed to make oneself technically strong as well as make them fundamentally strong in values needed to be a key role player in the team. Proxel is here to assist graduates for the right job and to give right candidates to the corporate.

Prachi P.

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